INITIAL CONSULTATION (DETOX)                      OR                                 LIFE COACHING

Initial Consultation/Life Coaching
50.00 USD

1hr Consultation or 1hr Life Coaching- Receive the tools needed to experience a breakthrough in your life in the areas of: Relationships, Health, Finance, Emotions, Intellect, or Spiritual.


As your Holistic Health Coach, we become your one on one accountability partner. Our focus is getting to the root cause of WHY you continue to hold on to unwanted weight and WHY you Yo-Yo after losing the weight. We help you identify your triggers so we can teach you how to become proactive versus reactive regarding tempting foods. We teach you how to detox your body so you can eliminate the “waste” that has accumulated throughout your life as a result of “Life” circumstances. Many Sicknesses, Diseases, and Disorders etc. are results of not knowing how to eat to live instead of living to eat. We provide Health Assessments, Blood Type Kits, and personalized Juicing Recipes for those who are ready to heal, cleanse and strengthen their immune system. 





As your Holistic Health Coach, we work with the agreements you have made with your self when it comes to the food you eat, the relationships you chose, your employment, and the stress you have allowed into your life.Our program focuses on getting to the root of the problem you're experiencing so we can coach you through changing your life. Learning how to manage emotions and stress is the key to being the change you want to see. Our coaching style assists you in breaking through the barriers that often impede our movements forward towards our goals and dreams.





As your Holistic Coach, we teach you about Spiritual Relationships and Sex. Because we are who we attract, it is important to learn the life lesson for each relationship you have encountered and are currently involved. We coach you through each relationship so you can not only develop a better relationship with yourself, but begin to attract those relationships you want surrounding you. Many people do not understand that Sex is a creation activity. Either you're creating a spirit, a child, or spiritual rejuvenation. Our coaching will help you to experience the break throughs you need in your spiritual life.







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