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Free radicals are thought to be one major cause of disease in our bodies. That's why you need free radical scavengers to hunt down and destroy free radicals in their tracks!

What is an affordable and readily-available free radical scavenger? Ionized alkaline water!

Drinking ionized alkaline water can give you a supply of free radical scavengers that end harmful oxidation chain reactions, thus protecting your body and its cells.

So, the next time you go for a glass of water, replace tap water or bottled water with something that really works - ionized alkaline water for better free radical scavenging!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!™




*Cost = $3.50/gal each

             $3.00/gal for 10 or more gallons

             Delivery Charge: $7 for 10 gallons or more


*effective 4/1/15


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